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Bachelor project: Tacle is your personal app for taking control of your smart home – exactly the way you want it. By knowing your daily routine and your exact location, both in and outside your home, it eliminates the frustrations of searching through all of your smart devices – simply because it knows which product you’ll want to interact with. This project was made together with Sara Emilie Spon.

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Project pitch: An app for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) that helps you to be as punctual as SAS and rewards you with upgrades, free coffee, wifi, and more if you succeed. My main part in this project was the interface design, but all in all this project was a team effort. Credits: Andreas Bjørn, Frederik Christensen, Kasper Schou, and Sara Spon.

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Designed at Plant by me for Sabaah, an organization for homosexuals, bisexuals, and transpersons with ethnic backgrounds other than Danish as well as others who sympathize with the organization and its activities.

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Biblioteket - logo

School assignment: We were asked to show our vision of the future of the Danish library. Working with a group of anthropology students was quite rewarding for Kasper Schou and me. I did the interface design and animation and Kasper did the 3d scenario design and animation.

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CORE logo

School assignment: We created a new visual identity for a Danish architect company with plans of changing its name. These are the parts of the project I did – the pictures were taken by talented Stephanie Staal.

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Fairtrade Mærket

Design and development of the main website and Facebook pages for Fairtrade’s Danish office. The website runs on a custom made WordPress theme.

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